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Every supplier of building materials accumulates unwanted products over the course of time, forcing them to dedicate space in their warehouse to store this unwanted material.

Suppliers try their best to sell unwanted material, but it only serves as a nuisance to salespeople because they don’t like talking about it. Salespeople prefer to sell what is easy. In other words, products their customers actually ask for, rather than odd sized, discontinued, returned, special ordered or just plain dead inventory that makes them feel too “pushy” to the customer. The fact of the matter is that most or even all of this unwanted inventory is usually new, quality building materials that contractors would LOVE to buy at discounted pricing, if they only knew where to buy it.

The solution? GoodBUYInventory.com. “GoodBUY” is the outlet for ALL of this distressed building material. It connects local contractors to the local building supplier in a very unique way, by presenting the price-reduced, unwanted inventory FIRST. This is an attractive proposition to the contractor and may also be introducing them to the supplier for the very first time. New customer, new relationship and unwanted inventory sold!

Your subscription to GoodBUYInventory.com, gives you your own “on-line hub” to display unwanted inventory for all to see. You now have the solution to your dead inventory problem and it costs virtually nothing!  All that is required for each item for sale is:

  1. A clear photo of the item (you upload)
  2. A clear description of the item (you upload)
  3. A “GoodBUY Price” posted for the item (you upload)

GoodBUYInventory.com does not charge any additional costs for the sale of your items. The ONLY expense you have is your low, annual or bi-annual membership fee.


First, click REGISTER at the top of the page, enter your name and email, then check your inbox. After you receive the email with your temporary password, login to your account and and complete your information. This is important because it’s how buyers will get in touch with you. Then select a listing package. 

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Gold Package

$249 Annual Subscription

Get unlimited listings for the entire year and add up to five images per listing. Change listings whenever you need to.

Silver Package

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Get up to 50 product listings and five images per listing.

Pay Per Post

$5 per post

Only one or just a few items? Post as you need to at only $5 each.